What Is Open Homes Photography?

Real Estate photography might not be at the top of a real estate agent’s priority list when getting open houses ready for market listing. However, in a housing market that is always in flux, setting market-ready homes apart from the competition is of the utmost importance. Open homes photography is one of the various features we offer at V1TM real estate photography. An open house sets the stage for potential home buyers to envision their life in that particular home.

What is Open Homes Photography?

When preparing a home for an open house, new home seekers search the internet for places that appeal to them and fit their needs. A house photoshoot is precisely what potential home buyers want to see during their market research. Plus, clients won’t have any wasted downtime as our photos are available the same day as we took the images!

Most homebuyers believe they are great at envisioning their items within a potential new house. However, many homebuyers grossly underestimate their spatial capabilities. Showcases a home’s feature beforehand allows a home seeker the chance to view a place in HDR, or high dynamic range, images.

These HDR images are available in various sizes, from large to print-quality for print and web use. Additionally, use photos for virtual property tours. For example, real estate photography allows real estate agents to showcase a client’s house and stage rooms without placing or moving around furniture with virtual staging.

Stand Above The Competition

After a client is ready to move forward on the house selling timeline, professional photography of their home is the next step before listing the house on the market. Nine out of ten home buyers utilize the internet to search for homes available for purchase, increase their property value with photography for a virtual open house. In addition, these images can save clients money and time as they do not need to stage furniture. 

Potential buyers view our professionally taken photos and use them to size up a room and see a home’s potential. House seekers will view images on the internet and either decide yes or no on a home from the pictures shown for an available listing. Set any client’s house above the competition with our professional photography service. We are experts in photographing real estate.

Our experience in taking real estate photos allows us to take beautiful high-quality images. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when preparing a house for its photoshoot. Lighting is easily the most crucial aspect in obtaining high-quality images for print or web use. Scheduling with indoor and outdoor lighting in mind will assist in ensuring photos garner the attention wanted for the home. Use an app that tracks outdoor light and have the lightbulbs in a room match. Differences between bulb color and wattage can deter from the image. Additionally, make sure the house is de-cluttered and cleaned before the photographer arrives.

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