How Is It That An Interactive Floor Plan Is The Future

How is it that an interactive floor plan is the future of real estate photography? Well, let’s dive into why they are beneficial as well as how they are only just the tip of the iceberg.

What Is An Interactive Floor Plan And Why Are They Beneficial?

Interactive floor plans are perfect for emotional engagement, it helps turn your floor plan into the buyers home. It really puts the potential buyers into a perspective that this is their home. With the customizable structural options, they can also start planning where they want to put their things. Having an interactive floor plan is a fantastic way to attract buyers because they can explore the entirety of the floor plan however they like wherever they like. It also opens the door for them to understand the structural options available to them. It also provides them with high-quality images during the duration of the interactive floor plan which is essentially taking a tour of the house from the comfort of anywhere they are. Not only that but the floorplans are integrated into the brochures and branded with the agents’ information. The reason they are the future is because of how convenient they are for both the seller and the buyer and in cases where the potential customers can’t come in they can still explore the home in their own time at any time of day. It also gives the customers a chance to view the layout of the home itself in an aerial view which means they will know immediately if the home is for them once they see how it is all laid out. According to Rightmove, the click-through rate of a home with an interactive floor plan increase by 52 percent as well as in a recent study from, shows that real estate listings with virtual tours have 87 percent more views than those without! We also understand that in these times not everyone is able to host an open house and because of that this really is the best alternative. You can still show them the entirety of the house without there even being contact or any risk whatsoever. All of the potential buyers who were going to come in can still view the house from the safety and comfort of their own home. Interactive floor plans as a whole are not only making the experience more enjoyable but they also make it all possible which for a long time was not even an option.

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