The Benefits of Twilight Photos for Real Estate

Twilight photos are taken of the exterior of the property, usually at dusk. Twilight photos showcases and highlights the external features of the property. These features can be both simple and stunning such as a sunset or a pool. Even the contrast between warm interior lights and a dark evening sky can make for a beautiful image.

Twilight photos can be extremely beneficial. These types of photos grab the buyer’s attention. They are more likely to click on a property with twilight photos when performing an online search. Twilight photo thumbnails are unique and attention-grabbing. Daytime photos still dominate the market when searching. When browsing listings, it is unlikely that you will see many twilight photos shown.

Twilight photos show the buyer another side of the property. Rather than just seeing the property when the day is bright and sunny, they get to experience it at a different time of day. The homes that work best for twilight shots are those that have a good amount of outdoor lighting or water nearby. Being near a pool, lake, or beach could make for a stunning twilight photo.

Twilight Photos

Taking Twilight Photos for Real Estate

When taking these pictures it is best to turn on all interior and exterior lights. Some exterior lights may be too bright, in this case, you can unscrew each bulb or turn it off. Using a tripod is key to eliminate camera vibrations. This is because the exposure time will be several seconds longer than normal. After taking the photo, it is often edited in post-processing. Because of time limitations, a photographer can only do one twilight shoot per day. After about 30 minutes after the sun goes down, it becomes too dark to shoot an adequate picture of the property.

Tips to Prepare for Great Twilight Photos:

  • Be prepared for the environment that you are shooting in. For example, before dusk, you will want to turn on all of the interior and exterior lights. This may take more time than you would think.
  • Have the seller or agent remove window coverings and open the blinds.
  • Depending on the property, a twilight shoot might not always be useful.
  • Sometimes it may be better to photograph a property 10 to 20 minutes after sunset rather than later. This lessens the contrast between the bright lights and the exterior of the home. If the contrast is too much, the exterior of the property will look too dark, and the details will be hard to see.
  • Know what time dusk begins. There are several online resources that one can use to find this information out. In fact, one can find the time dusk starts down to the minute. Timing is crucial.
  • One can use a cable or remote along with a tripod to further decrease the vibration amount.
  • Make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing as temperatures can drop dramatically as the sunsets.
  • Because time is limited, one should try to work fast. One should aim to take multiple photos while adjusting the exposure length. This creates as many different results as possible.

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