V1 put together the  Buyer's Dream Package based on research that was done to identify "what Buyers want" when looking at properties for sale or rent online.  The package includes Unlimited HDR Photos, 360 Panoramas (of the entire house), Interactive Floor Plans (including outside living space), Aerials (up to 10 stills), a Zillow 3D Home® Tour, and our new Proprietary Property Website with Interactive AI.

V1's photography team delivers HDR Photos (High Dynamic Range Photos) for all our photo packages. The HDR Photography process captures rich details by balancing bright and dark areas, minimizes lighting challenges, and delivers a more neutral and truer color replication of the property.

Interactive Floor Plans give Buyers the visual and spatial references they need to support their decision as to whether the property will work with their current or anticipated items they hope to move into their new home. Don't be the agent that hands Buyers graph paper and a tape measure, give them scale context and layout flow with floor plans. 

At V1, we map the photos and the floor plans to help Buyers by highlighting the square footage in each room and specific layout features such as doors, closets, and windows. We hear from Buyer Agents all the time how helpful our floor plans were for their out-of-town buyers. 

3D Immersive Tour technology helps keep agents on the cutting edge of innovation.  Without it, agents and their listings are at a competitive disadvantage. Buyers and Buyer Agents want the opportunity to "access the property"  at their convenience and before they step foot in the property. 

Studies show that 3D Immersive Tours help reduce search time online and convert more Buyers to in-person showings than those properties without tours.  Buyers can virtually walk through the property and in some cases buy the property without ever setting foot inside them.

Our 3D Immersive tour offerings include V1's own 360 Panoramas, Matterport, and Zillow 3d Home® tours

It's all about elevating your marketing to new heights both literally and figuratively through the use of drones to catch aerial images that can be still or video. It's not just the wow factor, it truly supports the Buyer's full picture with elevated angles that reveal not only positive property attributes but the reality of location often limited by standard views. Distance to highways, parks, waterfront access, and the actual roofline. In other words, spacial aspect, adjacency details, and the integration of the property in the neighborhood.

Sharing a walkthrough video in addition to HDR photos helps to further excite the prospective Buyers (both near and far) to schedule a visit. A video can simulate an in-person tour, share the flow of the space, and capture the ambiance differently from the HDR Photos. 

Let's not forget your ability, as the listing agent, to elevate your credibility by taking viewers on a personal tour of the property.  You are positioned as an "expert" and the details that only you can share based on your relationship with your Sellers can be communicated when you are not available to be at showings. You can put a voiceover to the video or even better, literally walk through the house and narrate the tour "live" on video. Your listing is your listing. Only you can truly represent it. 

Imagine for a moment illuminated entryways, front porches, and walkways that bring out welcome feelings. And for those with water features, the images glow and often twinkle at twilight. Twilight images inside minimize shadows and brightness and provide a balanced glow which is often more inviting. And the warmth of a twilight sky brings the desired drama to your images and your listing. 

A combination of daytime and twilight in your listing photos provides the Buyers with the full experience of living in the property no matter the time of day. Not to mention a greater ability to differentiate yourself and your listing from the competition. 

Virtual staging creates increased Buyer engagement when they can see how the empty or dated space could be used. It's about perceived value, the flexibility of space, the ability to target demographics, camouflage for dated spaces, and the usefulness of smaller spaces. 

The time-saving and reasonable cost of virtually staging a listing versus physical staging are the two additional reasons agents are embracing this new technology to market their listings. 

It's our responsibility to package the services for you while saving you time.   And we've done just that with our new Proprietary Property Website with Interactive AI.  Our platform integrates all the services you choose for your listing and the Interactive AI jumpstarts your MLS Public Remarks, identifies and labels all photos by room types, and then identifies and labels key features and sorts them for easier Buyer interaction.  

The Proprietary Property Website is customizable and expertly designed to adapt to all devices whether a computer, tablet, or mobile. And we continue to improve the SEO visibility of your listing on Google.