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Online viewership of videos continues to grow. Whether you’re watching the latest TikTok dance phenomenon or learning a new cooking skill. Well now, it’s time for listings to get their day on camera. The industry and public will always want professional photography images but with everyone getting more and more comfortable on camera we are working with an ever-growing number of real estate agents understanding that they are the best person to sell their listing versus leaving it up to a buyer’s agent. Real estate walkthrough videos are the way to go to wow potential buyers.

Don’t take our word for it, according to the National Association of Realtors, 62% of buyers find video “useful”*. This number is just going to increase as real estate agents themselves become more comfortable with video and the consumer sees more and more personalization being used to sell properties.

Sharing the highlights of the property and the neighborhood details through real estate walkthrough videos helps the potential buyers understand the home’s full potential as they scroll through listing, after listing, after listing. Video brings the property to life in a different way than even 3D Immersive Tours. It gives you, the listing agent, the opportunity to share what you know and why this home needs to be high on the buyer’s consideration frame. Video walkthroughs truly showcase the property in greater detail especially when accompanied by narration.

How do Real Estate Walkthrough Videos benefit the real estate agent?

  1. The listing agent whether on or off camera is perceived by others (that are considering listing their home) as “the agent” that would know how to showcase their property to obtain the maximum return on their investment. In other words, it helps you to get your next listing.
  2. Ability to cater to the abundance of out-of-state buyers looking for just the right property to visit. In this case, giving them a guided tour builds their excitement of wanting to see the property in person or in multiple cases even purchase the  property without ever setting foot inside.
  3. We provide you a link to the video that can be easily uploaded to all syndicated listing services and to your branded YouTube and/or Vimeo account to help you grow your personal brand.

*NAR 2021 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Video Walkthrough with Aerial Video (most popular)
  • Our professional 2-3 minute HD Video (shot by our talented videographers) combined with aerial video authentically tells the story of your property allowing for effortless viewing by potential buyers.
Video Walkthrough Only
  • Our professional 1-2 minute HD Video minus the aerial video.
Agent Narration Voiceover OR Agent On-Camera (Add-on) – Becoming more popular
  • Camera shy?… Then opt for narration only. You write and record the script and we edit it into your walkthrough video.
  • Not camera shy?… One step closer to starring in your own real estate reality show. Start by just opening the front door on camera, narrating the video off camera, and back to being on camera at the end to thank the viewers.
Video – Aerial Only
  • We create a 1-2 minuteHD Video that showcases the listing and surroundings literally from a bird’s-eye view.
Custom Video Project – The sky’s the limit, especially with Luxury Properties
  • Work closely with our talented videographers to create a truly experiential video. In luxury videos, we’ve included actors and props that take the viewer’s imagination from “not quite sure what it would be like to live in that space” to “look how romantic that balcony would be at sunset” and “our kids would love being with their friends in the pool”
Branding of the video
  • Within the video, we are able to include a variety of property details. We work closely with you, the listing agent, to identify what you believe is the most important information you want to share…from tagging rooms and/or neighborhood markers. The Property address and all your contact information are also included.