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Virtual Home Staging Services in Florida | V1 Real Estate Photography

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging


  • You can save money and time since virtual home staging services are cost-effective compared to traditional staging. Hiring a professional stager and renting furniture to stage your home can be expensive. Virtually staging the photos of your home can be done for a much smaller amount of money out of your pocket.
  • It is known that 90% of buyers start to look for available homes online for sale. Also, when buyers see an empty room, it is hard for them to imagine what it would look like with furniture in it. By showing them how space can be used with pictures that have been virtually staged, it will get them thinking about the possibilities they could do to make it their own when they live there.
  • You can ask for a higher asking price when you virtually fill your listing with stylish furniture. When you make your home look it’s best, you will attract a larger pool of buyers, which will turn into more offers. When you get multiple offers on your home, you can play the buyers against each other to flush out the best deal possible for you. Virtual home staging is an excellent tool for you to use to sell your home for more money in a shorter time on the market.

For real estate agents who are facing time and money constraints, virtual home staging provides the perfect opportunity to have appealing photos online without having to worry about physically staging a home. As you well know, traditional home staging and furniture rentals can cost upwards of a few thousand dollars (or more) which can be disruptive and inconvenient for your home seller.

Your potential buyers can visualize themselves in the home as well as keeping those images in their minds as they tour the home in person, visualizing eye-catching & stylish furniture as they walk through the property.

Overall, virtually staging a home brings the same benefits that physical staging does but at a fraction of the cost. Also, homes that are staged sell 75% faster than those that are not.

If you're ready to begin virtual home staging your listings in Florida and selling your homes fast, do not hesitate to order your virtual staging services today.

Virtual Staging is $50 per scene/photo. 

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