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If you are looking for both you and your listing to stand out from the competition, pump up your marketing game with Interactive Floor Plans. They give more credibility to your listing, and they help homes sell faster. Why, the devils in the details? Giving them the details in a usable and interactive manner makes it easier for the buyer to choose your property.

Interactive Floor Plans are seamlessly integrated into your HDR Photos on our State-of-the-Art Property Website. Your sellers will be completely wowed at how well their property is displayed in extreme detail. Buyers, in real time, will truly understand how the property is laid out including seeing windows, doors, closets, and appliances. They even highlight key external amenities such as garages, courtyards, pools and decks/patios. And our Interactive Floor Plans give you total square footage. *

In a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 67%** of buyers’ find floor plans “very useful”. Additionally, floor plans are the most requested marketing tool after professional photos. With more than 90% of home buyers searching online for properties, how do we put these marketing tools together…by making them INTERACTIVE. And when they are Interactive Floor Plans their importance and quality to the potential buyers increases tremendously. We know that giving the buyer what it is they want will give them the opportunity to begin to imagine themselves in the property.

We have been told multiple times by hundreds of agents, “when space planning begins, the house is as good as sold”.

*Sizes and dimensions may vary. Used for marketing purposes only.

**NAR 2020 Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers

How Does It Work?

Many are curious, how does the “interactive” part work? Hold onto your seat, when the buyer visits our State-of-the-Art Property Website they can view the floor plans in multiple ways. Obviously the most popular is when they are “interactive”. On the navigation bar, the buyer clicks Floor Plans. Once that opens, they click “View Interactive Floor Plans” and the HDR Photos now appear with a floor plan overlay. When the buyer clicks on an arrow icon on the floor plan the corresponding HDR Photo appears beneath the floor plan. The viewer is now looking into the room from the angel the image was shot. The interactivity allows for the viewer to experience the floor plan and the HDR Photo from the same angel. So, think about it when you are wondering if a king-size bed will fit into a bedroom, understanding where the wall is compared to the window and closet as well as the direction the door opens can often make all the difference. When we say they can begin to space plan, we are not joking around. As you consider Interactive Floor Plans for your next listing, here are some additional reasons why it’s worth it for you, the seller, and the buyer.

For the Buyer (or Renter)
  • Reduce the need to visit a property that won’t fit their specifications based on the size of the rooms, the number of steps, the lack of access for those that may be physically challenged.
  • The combination of HDR Photos combined with Interactive Floor Plans helps the buyer to experience the space with a greater amount of realism than just the HDR Photos on their own.
  • Interactive Floor Plans help the buyer to make a purchase decision. There is less of a need to visit the property multiple times. Lots of the questions can be answered by reviewing the floor plans.
  • With Interactive Floor Plans, a buyer can instantly see, if the kitchen is conveniently situated near the dining room or locations of the bathrooms versus the bedrooms or our favorite room; did the entrance from the garage go through a mud room or directly into the kitchen. Interactive Floor Plans truly bring the experience of living in the property to life.
  • We talk a lot about buyers, but Interactive Floor Plans are just as important for renters. Our property management companies have shared that they have gotten renters into their properties and closed them because they provided Interactive Floor Plans.
For the Seller (or Landlord) & Agent
  • I’d be shocked if you have not heard this one,” I don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry walking through my property”. Strangers and even the “looky loo” neighbor is always a concern, even with real estate professionals on site. To help reduce the number of people walking through the home, consider Interactive Floor Plans. They not only help reduce some of the unwanted traffic they can even take a home out of the running based on some of the examples we shared previously. When you share Interactive Floor Plans during your listing presentation sellers see that it is not just getting bodies in the door it is about assuring the seller, you are doing everything to bring in more qualified and interested candidates through the property.
  • Interactive Floor Plans have a professional and modern look, they are easy to read. They help to identify all rooms and include fixture details in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. Do you recall seeing multiple houses in one day and not being able to tell from the photos alone if a bathroom had 2 sinks?
  • While the “interactive” piece of the floor plans is extremely important, having a single image, floor-by-floor image is helpful as well. We provide you with a printable image for each floor. As a single image for each floor, the buyer is able to view the entire unit, not just part of it. An agent recently shared that “I use floor plans to reveal what HDR Photos and 3D Tours do not – the proportions of rooms, the number of rooms and the flow between them. With Interactive Floor Plans we’ve been told the flow issues are practically non-existent.
  • If we are repeating ourselves, apologies but the flow of the house is key, especially the “in-between spaces” and they are often forgotten. However, with the combination of HDR Photos and Interactive Floor Plans, it is much easier to identify foyers, lofts, corridors, entryways and even the “little nooks and crannies”.
  • While we are big fans of 3D Immersive Tours (please visit that service page), the dimensions really help with space planning.