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It is abundantly clear that the development of new technology is driven more by the needs of the end user of the technology. For example, they have a problem they don’t want, and they are searching for a solution to that problem. This is exactly the reason Virtual Staging has become “a thing” and one of the hottest new technology tools being used on listings.

A recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors® found that 83%* of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. What’s the problem they have…they have absolutely no imagination, no ability to see a vacant homes potential, and they struggle to find the appeal of a home that is not presented in a manner to elicit a positive response.And since the National Association of Realtors® research states that 97%** of buyers’ use the internet in their home search process, how the home is presented online is a major factor as to whether a potential buyer would choose to consider or visit the property…that decision is made within 7-10 seconds of viewing the online images.

Listing agents are using Virtual Staging to save time, save money, and to show the flexibility of the space. It is one of the latest tools helping buyers connect emotionally to the property and at the same time providing listing agents a true marketing differentiator. We have many agents that refer to Virtual Staging as a “game changer”.

*NAR 2019 Profile of Home Staging

**NAR 2020 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Virtual Staging Is A Time Saver
  • Our Virtual Staging has an agent friendly turnaround time…1 day or less. Physical staging is much more time intensive. The process for physical staging is an in-person consultation, then the furniture and accent pieces get chosen, they often need to move out the homeowner’s existing furniture, and then bring in the staging furniture and this whole process rarely takes less than 5 days, usually longer.
  • Virtual Staging has the ability to change the furniture in a room by deleting or decluttering furniture. However, empty rooms are the most ideal for Virtual Staging. The same day we take your HDR Photos you’ll have a phone consultation with our customer service team to identify which room(s) you want virtually staged; they’ll review the options on furniture style (they usually have a recommendation) and then the design team immediately begins work on your Virtual Staging.
Virtual Staging Can Save You Money
  • Virtual Staging costs significantly less than traditional staging. It’s challenging to put an actual price on physical staging however, recent estimates have been between $1,000 – $3,000 plus additional fees when the staging stays in the property for longer than expected. While pricing for traditional staging varies based on where in the country, number of rooms, experience of the stager and type of furniture, we keep our pricing very simple…$50/scene or better stated, per room.
Virtual Staging Demonstrates Space Flexibility
  • One family’s use of a room may not work for another family. When a pool table is placed in a living room versus a more traditional use of the space, that has the ability to turn-off a buyer. Seeing how a bedroom could be used as a home office has helped several of our clients get interested buyers into the property. We’ve taken a finished basement with no furniture and added a pool table and a television viewing area to show the potential of the space.
Virtual Staging Helps Win Listings and Sell Properties
  • Multiple agents have shared that over the past 8 months, during listing presentations, they’ve been asked by potential sellers the following: “Tell me what sort of marketing you plan to do that not every other agent has already shared with us”. Their answer, Virtual Staging.
  • If traditional staging is not part of your marketing offering (due to cost and timing restraints), then Virtual Staging will undoubtedly give you that competitive edge.
  • According to the National Association of Realtors®, homes that are staged are selling faster and at higher prices than those that are not staged. *

*NAR 2021 Profile of Home Staging

Virtual Staging Can Help Declutter A Property
  • Yes, you read that correctly, Virtual Staging has the ability to take items out of a room. Our talented team will be able to identify what is and isn’t possible. This service has become increasingly popular with homes that have messy owners or renters. Don’t’ hesitate to reach out and ask, prices for this service may vary.
Virtual Staging Offers A Variety Of Room & Style Choices
  • Once a decision to virtually stage a property is made does not mean the “entire” property needs to be staged. We strongly suggest you focus on key rooms based on the individual property and what would help the potential buyers connect with the home. The rooms we stage most often are Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Dining Rooms, Primary Bedrooms, Offices, Finished Basements and one of our most popular locations, Outdoor Spaces (including decks, patios, pools, and balconies).
  • No matter what part of the country or style of home, we offer a wide variety of furniture styles. And if you fancy yourself a “moonlighting” interior designer, let us know your preferred décor. Otherwise, we will leave it up to our experienced design team. The furniture styles available include Modern, Traditional, Rustic, Farmhouse, Scandinavian, Coastal, Transitional an Urban Industrial.
Virtual Staging Should Be Transparent
  • A concern that has been raised by buyers is that upon viewing the property in-person, the staging does not exist. It is strongly recommended that when utilizing Virtual Staging, in the public remarks on your local MLS, you disclose that a specific room(s) and/or the property has been virtually staged. We have experienced certain MLS’s that require the before and after image of the room(s) that have been virtually staged be posted in the online images. Some agents even leave pictures or a poster of the virtually staged room(s) in the property.