3D Immersive Tours

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*Varies based on market.

Do either of these sound familiar,” I have an out-of-town buyer, and they don’t feel the pictures give them enough information” or, “I feel as though I spend all my time driving around for hours, showing houses for less than 15 minutes at each location with no interest on my buyers’ part…there’s got to be a better way.” Well, we’ve got the solution or should we say solutions: 3D Immersive Tours. Seal the deal with 3D house tour.

3D Immersive Tours (3D House Tour) Place the Buyer Right in the Property

The technology gives buyers the ability to walk through the property at their own speed moving in many directions. The 3D house tour help create an emotional and intellectual connection to the property before ever stepping inside the property. And in some situations, buyers never actually visit the property. They purchase without seeing the property in person.

Which 3D Immersive Tour Do I Choose?

The most challenging decision we see savvy listing agents making is which type of 3D house tour. After speaking with our agents, we know they base their decision on the following criteria: the individual property, market conditions, and budget. That is why V1TM offers 3 options: Our 360 Panoramas, Matterport and Zillow 3d Home® tours.

Why V1’s 360 Panoramas?

We include our (4) 360 Panos with every Unlimited Photo Package. The rooms we feature are the Living Room, Kitchen, Primary Bedroom, and Outdoor/Patio. However, you have the ability to order the 360 Panos for the entire house. On smaller properties when agents are not purchasing our Unlimited Photo Package, agents are adding the 360 Panos based on the raving reviews they have received from both their sellers and the buyers that viewed their other properties that were marketed with 360 Panos. Several of the agents that use V1TM have shared that there is nothing better when you are the “seller’s agent” and the buyers at the closing table (in front of their own agent) tell you what a good job you did marketing the house they are just about to close on. Wouldn’t you say that’s the perfect time to ask for a testimonial from your seller?

The technology for our 360 Panos was created in house by our own real estate technology geeks. Great consideration was given to the photographer taking the panos as well as the needs of the real estate agent and their seller and of course the buyer. Our 360 Panos gives the viewer the opportunity to navigate around each room at their own pace. We hear regularly from buyer agents that their buyers welcomed the opportunity to begin to place their furniture into the room. Comments from buyers have included: “The interactivity makes the experience real.”, “The panoramas put me right in the room.” Comments from agents sound like this: “I’m the smartest agent in town…at least that’s what my seller said.”. “The next listing I get I will definitely be including 360 Panos.” (Our sales team loves to hear this after they share 360 Panos with them.)

  • The mobile compatibility of the 360 Panos makes them a favorite for viewing on the phone. One finger moves you all around the room(s).
  • Our 360 Panos can capture outdoor images.
  • Our 360 Panos can be added for a fraction of the price of another 3D Immersive Tour option.
  • Our 360 Panos are delivered the Same-Day we shoot the HDR Photos.
Why Matterport?*
  • Matterport is presented in their patented dollhouse view.
  • Matterport allows buyers to virtually walk through the property at their own pace by controlling the view and direction, similar to a video game.
  • Matterport was the “name brand” first known to consumers when desiring 3D images. So when a seller “asks for Matterport”, agents that use our services are now educating the seller on options available for 3D Immersive Tours.

*6 month hosting included in price

Why A Zillow 3D Home Tour
  • Listings with Zillow 3D Home® tours get premium placement in search results on Zillow for the first seven days that the listing is posted.
  • Listings with Zillow 3D Home® tours get special email pushes to home shoppers prompting them to view the listing and 3D Home tour.
  • Listings with a Zillow 3D Home® tours were viewed by buyers 29% more (on Zillow) than homes without.
  • The unbranded version of a Zillow 3D Home tour can be used on the MLS, social media, embed codes, and over email & text.
  • Zillow is one of the most popular real estate websites when looking to buy or rent properties. In January of 2020, Zillow led the ranking by number of visits, with approximately 36 million unique monthly visitors.*

*Statista Research Dept. 2/17/2020

More On Why 3D Immersive Tours?

While most of our agents have their own marketing plans and choose products based on a variety of considerations, the one thing that everyone can agree on is that ignoring the following research conducted by the National Association of Realtors could potentially have a negative effect on an agent’s business. The National Association of Realtors identified that 80%* of all buyers & sellers would switch to a real estate agent offering Immersive 3D tours. Yes, you read that correctly they would actually “switch agents”.

Now let us talk referrals. If you are an agent that relies on referrals (what agent doesn’t count on “some” of their business coming from referrals), pay very close attention…in the same study, the National Association of Realtors found that 86%* of Millennials and Generation Z would recommend agents to use 3D Immersive Tour technology to their friends. This alone should be an additional incentive to use one of our 3D Immersive Tours product offerings.

Additionally, 3D Immersive Tours were a lifeline when restrictions whether government implemented, or homeowner requested limited the ability for viewing properties through open houses or traditional showings. Agents using the technology provided the ability for the property to be “always open”. Sellers, as well as buyers, have become accustomed to viewing properties in 3D. The industry has set the bar with this enhanced marketing, and we don’t anticipate the desire for it to wane anytime soon.

* NAR 2019 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Generations Trends Report (among all generations)

3D Immersive Tour Benefits

The main benefits why you should use 3D Immersive Tours when marketing your listings:

  1. You stand out from other agents by demonstrating your knowledge of cutting-edge marketing technology.
  2. Knowing what buyers want helps you to sell homes faster based on the attention you bring to your listings.
  3. You provide an opportunity to find more qualified buyers and, in some cases, ensure the home can be sold without the buyer ever stepping a foot in the door.
  4. You obtain rave reviews from your sellers which helps with winning new listings and gaining referrals.