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*Varies based on market.

It all starts with HDR Photos (High Dynamic Range Photos) which are meticulously shot and edited as accurate and natural looking photos and then delivered the same-day, yes, you read that correctly, the same-day. Combine that with our trained and savvy photographers, and you’ve got a guaranteed winning presentation.

Don’t believe us, believe the buyers surveyed by the National Association of Realtors – 95%* of buyers use the internet in their home search process AND 96%* of them found HDR Photos to be “useful”. V1TM works hard to ensure your images are in the “useful” checkbox.

And the Same-Day Delivery ensures you get your client’s HDR Photos into the MLS sooner.

*NAR 2021 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

What else is Included With Our HDR Photos?

(4) 360 Panoramas**

The panorama technology we use for our HDR Photos was created by our own technology geeks. They evaluated the product needs for everyone involved. Specifically, the photographer taking the panoramas, the needs of the real estate agent and their sellers and of course the end user, the buyer. Our 360 Panos gives the viewer the opportunity to navigate around each room at their own pace.

We hear regularly from buyer agents that their buyers welcomed the opportunity to begin to place their furniture into the room. Comments from buyers have included: “The interactivity makes the experience real.”, “The panoramas put me right in the room.” Comments from agents regularly sound like this: “The next listing I get I will definitely be including 360 Panos.”, “I’m the smartest agent in town…at least that’s what my seller said.” While we automatically include (4) 360 Panoramas with our Unlimited HDR Photo Package, you have the ability to order the 360 Panos for the entire house. On smaller properties when agents aren’t purchasing the Unlimited Photo Package, agents are adding the 360 Panos based on the reviews they’ve received from both their sellers and the buyers.

Blue Sky Replacement***

This is automatically added at no additional  charge on all exterior shots on bad weather days.

State-of-the-Art Property Website

Our website was also created by our own technology geeks. We have more bells and whistles to not only help you sell the property you are listing but also tools to help you win your next listing. We engage with our clients (the agents) on a regular basis to identify exactly what it is the buyer wants as well as what the agent wants. Even the least tech-savvy buyer can maneuver around the site to digest all the information to make their buying experience complete.

And even more importantly, our property website is completely mobile compatible. Why is mobile so important? According to the National Association of Realtors when they asked where their internet searches for homes were conducted, home buyers were split; they typically conducted 50 percent of their search on a desktop/laptop and 50 percent on a mobile device(s). Those aged 40 and younger were more likely to use mobile devices, and those 66 and older were more likely to use a desktop/laptop.**** It is important to note that the typical homebuyer in 2021 was 47 years old.

**360 Panoramas of the Living Room, Kitchen, Primary Bedroom, Outdoor/Patio – included only with our Unlimited Photo Package. This service is available for purchase separately with our 10 & 25 HDR Photos.

***Available on exterior images only when precipitation is not present.

****2021 NAR Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends

Benefits for Buyers
  • Links for schools, maps, mortgage calculator.
  • Property Details allow the agent to write a short story or in some cases a novel. The detailed verbal description combined with the HDR Images is a wonderful combination of giving the potential buyer a true picture of what it would be like to “live” in the home and in the neighborhood.
  • Simple access to all marketing materials chosen by the agent. The navigation bar provides both picture icons and a written descriptor of each marketing tool.
Benefits for Agents
  • HDR Photos are sized correctly for “your” MLS. This is done automatically by our technology and the information we have on the agent in our system and their preferred MLS. While we hear lots of noise about all the different sites consumers can access to gain information on properties for sale, according to the National Association of Realtors, 91% of sellers listed their homes on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is the number one source for sellers to list their home. *
  • High Resolution HDR Photos are provided for use with all media (including print).
  • Our Property Statistic Report identifies the number of unique visitors to the site in real time. The benefit to you, the agent, is that it provides you with a tool containing detailed information that can be shared with your sellers to show where their listing is being viewed. We have been told by numerous agents that this tool is a “no-brainer” that it is another touch point, another reason to speak with their sellers either in person or online. Depending on the type of market, this report has helped support an agent’s need to drop the price (e.g., lots of views but not a lot of visitors).
  • Print ready brochures (5 different options). If at any time you have challenges with creating the brochure, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call customer service. They work with many agents and can share best practices of those that use the brochures regularly.
  • My Listings shares your listing history (of properties marketed using V1TM Real Estate Photography & Video) at your fingertips. So while you are sitting in a listing presentation, you can pull-up previous properties and share the marketing tools while you tell “the story” behind the listing. Listing Agents find this tab on the Single-Listing-Property-Website to be “Very Useful”.
  • Link capability to “YOUR” local MLS. There’s even built-in instant text messaging when buyers are making inquiries into your property. We all know one of the biggest complaints consumers have about real estate agents is that they don’t pick up their phones, and they don’t call back. This helps ensure your response is swift. And while we are talking about quick response, our customer service team can upload your photos to your local MLS (if the MLS allows a third party to perform this service). Many agents use this service to save time. They choose the images they want uploaded with a click of their mouse (on each individual image) and then click another link to send them to our customer service team to upload. Your images will be uploaded the same day we receive the request during business hours, 8AM – 6PM. In the event it is after business hours, we will be sure the images are uploaded the next morning by 8AM local time.

*NAR 2021 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.