Twilight Images

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Looking to capture your listings at the most beautiful time of day, then twilight real estate photos are your solution. Twilight sets a mood immediately in the buyer’s mind of the “wind-down” time of day. The words our clients have used to describe the photos include, soothing, warm, and romantic.

Additionally, adding Twilight HDR Photos helps you and the property stand out from traditional daytime photos which is what most real estate agents use to present their property.


Why Twilight/Night HDR Photos?

  • Shooting Twilight HDR Photos provides the opportunity to get Outside photos with the  possibility of Inside photos. The natural lighting at twilight is significantly warmer than daytime lighting.
  • Night HDR Photos can be truly magnificent when “landscaping” lighting or cityscape/high-rise lighting is abundant. It can truly transport the buyer into a visual experience like none other. Contact our customer service team to discuss your specific property and whether we’d recommend you include a “Night” shoot.
  • Our photographers arrive just prior to twilight to prepare for the “short window” twilight provides. They do a walk-thru of the property to plan their route. Once the light is “just right” they move quickly through the property to grab as many of the rooms with windows that highlight the twilight atmosphere.
  • Properties with magnificent sunset views should take complete advantage of shooting an Aerial “add-on”.

Why VIRTUAL Twilight HDR Photos (Outside Only)?

  • Our Daytime HDR Photos of the OUTSIDE of the property (only) can be turned into Virtual Twilight Photos.
  • Unlike being on location during the “twilight time of day”, we can guarantee a stunning twilight sky no matter the weather (e.g., cloudy, not rainy)*.
  • When budget is a consideration, Virtual Twilight HDR Photos is the preferred twilight option. Contact our customer service team to discuss.

* Available on exterior images only when precipitation is not present.