Why Should We Take HDR Pictures For Real Estate Photography In Arizona?

We use state-of-the-art HDR photography technology here at V1TM Real Estate Photography to improve the experience of buyers. For us, HDR photography has many advantages, which benefit you in turn.

What is Photography with HDR?

HDR: High Dynamic Range

The goal of HDR pictures photography is to produce an image with a greater dynamic spectrum of light and contrast than by using normal shooting modes and techniques. This refers to the lighting conditions inside the frame. A high dynamic range is more akin to the colors and illusions that the human eye re-creates.

Let’s imagine, for instance, you’re staring at a room where parts are mired in darkness, and parts are illuminated brilliantly. Your eyes constantly review the details when looking at this space and help you to adjust to these shifting light conditions. In turn, an HDR picture will do the same.

The HDR composite balances these aspects and produces an equally exposed image instead of portions of a picture being dark and covered with darkness, and other sections being blinding shiny.

Why is it ideal for photoshoots of real estate?

Interior and exterior assets can be difficult to photograph, as you can expect. A single room could have a plethora of windows, doors, skylights, etc. from multiple light sources. It produces various lighting conditions and shadows.

Below, we will have some examples.

Gallery: Property Photos – Arizona

HDR PicturesHDR Pictures    HDR PicturesHDR Pictures

Why We’re Shooting in HDR

HDR pictures photography with our proprietary 360 Panorama immerse-like software allows for the next step in photography and helps us to move around your house easily, taking images from any perspective. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, this technology allows us to take many real-world scenes containing very bright, direct sunlight to extreme shade without losing any details. It also encourages us to use natural light so that you do not pay for pricey lighting configurations that require hours to set up and cost you extra cash.

Best Value For Your Money

Using HDR Photography in the end, what you get is natural photos that look actual, at large angles that give you the best quality and value for your buck.

Your listings will earn more shares, more showings, and, most notably, more deals!

Check out below for our recent project. Use state of the art technologies for HDR imaging.

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