Real Estate Photography Pricing

With all the costs of preparing a home for the market, listing a property, and selling a home, clients might not think of the importance of having photos taken of their home. Therefore, one of the first questions a client will ask is what the real estate photography pricing is? However, real estate agents know this is a crucial step in preparing a house for listing as professionals.

Discussing with clients the value of professional real estate photos and what they can do for their house is vital for increasing the value of the client’s home to potential buyers. Additionally, speaking about the different features of real estate photography and the benefits of each element in selling a home will allow clients to select the best photography feature(s) that fit within their pricing budget.

Why Professional Photography?

Real estate photography pricing can vary greatly depending on the location of the client and the features selected. As real estate photography an incredibly nuanced trade and calls for highly skilled photographers, pricing can differ significantly—experience factors into how a photographer prices their features. Different features available will also have varying costs. For example, basic photo shots will cost less than an HD walk-through video of a home.

One might attempt to take photos of their home. But, with 87% of people stating that when searching online, images of homes were helpful in their search, we’d suggest utilizing a professional real estate photographer. Besides, homes that have professional photos sell 32% faster than homes without professional pictures.

Photography Pricing

With the housing market changing every day, the ability of a real estate agent to make a client’s home stand apart and sell quickly is critical. Time is of the utmost importance in the world of housing markets. Transactions occur speedily, and homes that are not up to par visually will not survive the flux of buyers’ wants and needs. 

Take charge of the housing market and sell a client’s house before the buyer turns towards another property. The best method of gaining attention from potential homebuyers is through professional real estate photography. After discussing with a client the benefits of professional images of their home, the topic of pricing is sure to arise. 

Many real estate photographers charge per hour, and rates can vary between $55-200 an hour. The number of photos, videos, or aerial images that a photographer can take within that timeframe can vary between experience levels, time of day, and property size. Our rates include the number of images to be taken and are not limited to within a set time frame. 

We off a variety of professional real estate photography features. Our features include:

  • HDR basic photos
  • HDR enhanced photos
  • Aerial photos
  • Night/twilight photography
  • Virtual night/twilight photos
  • Virtual staging photos
  • HD video
  • Interactive floor plans

View our pricing for Arizona, Colorado, and South Florida below.

Our Arizona Pricing
Our Colorado Pricing
Our South Florida Pricing

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