What Is HDR Photography?

So what is HDR photography? And how do they work? We offer a lot of HDR/Exposure fusion processing so in this post, we will be going over what that means and what that is.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras are cameras that help get amazing shots in high-contrast situations. HDR is generally always the best option to go with, with HDR you are able to capture far more details in both the bright and dark areas of any scene. But how does HDR compare to 4k? Well in comparison HDR delivers a higher contrast or wider brightness and color range and is far more impactful than 4k. With that said, 4k delivers a sharper more defined image but isn’t nearly as clear and vibrant as HDR.

How Does High Dynamic Range Work?

Now that we have a better idea of what it is, we should now go into the process of explaining how it works. When you are in High Dynamic Range mode your camera will typically take 2-3 pictures trying to expose for the brightest as well as darkest scenes and then it will combine them into one image. It’s with High Dynamic Range that we have a more life-like picture than a typical camera can catch.

When Should I Opt For HDR Photography Pictures?

HDR is designed for better-looking pictures, especially in certain situations. There are situations in that HDR photography is the most optimal choice. So when does HDR really shine?
Low-light and backlit scenes: If you are taking pictures and you notice they are coming out dark that is more often than not due to having too much backlight. HDR can brighten up the foreground without washing out the part of the photos that are well lit.
Landscapes: Landscapes usually have a difference of contrast between the sky and the land. With High Dynamic Range you can capture the details of the sky without making the land appear too dark and vice versa.
Portraits In Sunlight: Lighting is one of if not the most important aspect in taking a good photo, but having too much lighting can cause dark shadows or a bright flare and other bad characteristics. HDR can even it all out and make the subject of the image look better.

But When Should I Not Use HDR Photography Pictures?

Even though HDR is amazing there are a few times you shouldn’t use it because the quality won’t be at its optimal performance.
Photos With Movement: If any of the subjects of the image are moving it highly increases the chance of your HDR photos to come out blurry. You have to keep in mind High Dynamic Range takes 2-3 pictures so if you are moving between the 1st and 3rd picture when it blends them it’s not going to look right.
High Contrast Scenes: Some pictures look better with a stark contrast between the dark and light, for example, if you are capturing a silhouette. High Dynamic Range would make the image less intense which could mess up your picture for you. But High Dynamic Range is very good for taking standing pictures which is why we offer it for your real estate pictures, if you are interested in our HDR services then call us today.

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