Preparing A Property For Real Estate Photography

Preparing your home is easier than ever with our real estate photography checklist! Here’s what you need to know to prepare your home for a photoshoot. Placement may be one of the most critical things you do in order to market your property for the maximum price effectively. The opposite of decorating has been described as staging. Home decor and interior design are all about customizing the room, making it your own house, while staging is all about de-personalizing the room so that the prospective customer might envision what it would be for themselves. Try to think of it as “not our home anymore” once you decide to sell your house and try to turn it into a show house that will attract buyers. Do not fail to preserve it that way until you have it sold! The effort is going to pay off massively!

Try to clean out your home possessions as soon as you can. After all, you are going to have to prep for the big transfer, so you can have a huge advantage as well. When the big change arrives, it would not only make it faster, but you will also make your kitchen, closets, bookshelves, and children’s rooms feel more spacious. Start packing clothing, books, toys, etc. for the out of season, the more you will subtract from the house, the bigger the spaces can appear. With our Real estate photography checklist, we can show you the how-to for a stunning home photoshoot!

Preparing Your Home For A Professional Photoshoot

Real Estate Photography Checklist

They will begin work as soon as the professional photographer arrives, so everything should be ready to go. Both the interior and exterior of the home will be photographed by them. The photographer is there to film the house, not to move or organize furniture or decorative belongings, so before their arrival, it is very important that all this is finished. Switch on all the lights in the house, replacement for everything, some burned-out lights.

By reading the following real estate photography checklist, you will make a large difference in how good your home looks in Real Estate Photography’ pictures:

  • De-clutter rooms that could be decorated unnecessarily and they are not well photographed. Try storing some of the garage’s furnishings.
  • In entrances, kitchens, and toilets, throw rugs and runners can be eliminated. It will be possible for buyers to see the flooring better. Hide all the huge and little garbage cans all over the property
  • For fixtures and lights, patch some burned-out light bulbs.
  • The fireplace mantel and any other areas that attract distractions, such as images or figurines, need to be de-cluttered.
  • Delete, substitute, or repaint something that you waste more time washing than painting.
  • A newly decorated front door is one of the main impacts of boosting the curb appeal.

Home Exterior

  • Do not park right in front of the house and clear all cars from the driveways.
  • Move the trash cans out of view for better viewing of your Real Estate Photography.
  • Remove all tools from the garden, including nozzles.
  • Delete all toys for girls, bikes, balls, etc.
  • Disable the Child Fencing around the pool, games, pool cleaning equipment, and out of sight storage if you have a house.
  • Switch on all the waterfalls and fountain functions of your pool.
  • Mow and rake yard, spray fresh mulch, take care of flowers, there’s nothing like a new garden smell.
  • Sweep driveways, patios, and sidewalks.
  • Patio umbrellas open and cushions laid out.
  • Hide the blankets, uncover barbecues, scrub pools, spas, and hide.

Living & Family Room

  • Remove papers and the bulk of magazines.
  • Arrange pillows
  • Consider removing such furniture in order to give space
  • As effectively as possible, conceal all uncovered cables, which is key to have amazing Real Estate Photography.
  • Remove things from tables, free cabinets from any clutter, and personal photos from bookshelves.
  • Wall room is so valuable that most but not all appliances have transparent countertops. Clean disinfect
  • Delete photos, records, and documents, and everything on top of the refrigerator
  • Clean the fridge, oven, and range of the other appliances
  • Remove any containers for garbage

Dining Room

  • Set the table as though you were having yourself a dinner party.
  • Real Estate Photography will always benefit from a bright centerpiece with candles or roses.
  • To offer more space around the table, try taking away a few of the chairs.


  • Get all your beds and belongings clean.
  • No noticeable clothing, clean storage, and closets are allowed.
  • Delete objects such as books, magazines, photographs, water bottles from bedside tables.


  • Toothbrushes, shavers, soap containers, tissue and lotion dispensers, beauty mirrors, can all be cleared away from the countertops.
  • From the shower section, extract shampoo and other items should be removed. Get a plastic cardboard box to hold the objects.
  • The toilet seats should all be down and the lid should be closed.
  • The mirrors need to be clean. There should not be any garbage bins in sight.

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