Night Shoots

Night Shoots

10-15 Photos per Twilight Photoshoot – $150 per night shoot. – Virtual Twilight Photos $25 per scene 

$150 per night shoot

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How You Could Benefit From Twilight Real Estate Photography?

What are the benefits of twilight real estate photography? Usually, a twilight photo is taken from the outside of the property at dusk. It is used to display a landscape or property, highlighting features such as fire pits, pools, and sunsets. Twilight real estate photography may be more likely to catch the buyer’s attention.

Real estate photos taken during the day when the house is illuminated by natural sunlight are ideal for properties with ocean views or bold colors. As a contrast, it is also necessary to have images taken as the sun is setting. Homebuyers will be attracted to the romantic, eye-catching ambiance that twilight photos emit, because they are different from a typical exterior shot. Twilight photos are able to display the property lights that the buyer can’t see during the daytime. As the competition is often dominated by daytime shots, twilight real estate photography stands out so much more when buyers are searching for a home. Usually, there will be just one twilight shot in 50 to 100 listings.

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