Best Time For Photoshoot


Knowing a property’s aspect (its orientation in relation to the four compass points) will help you identify the best time of day for real estate photography of the exterior, as different orientations dictate different ideal shooting times.

Best Time of Day for Real Estate Photography Photoshoot

  • For East-facing properties, morning is the best time to shoot
  • For West-facing properties, the afternoon is great
  • For North-facing properties, any time between 10:00 and 14:00 is ideal
  • For South-facing properties, you’ll want your photos taken first thing in the morning or last thing in the day

The reason properties with different aspects should be photographed at different times is that you want the sun to be behind you when you’re looking at the front of the home. The photos will be bright and saturated with color – something you cannot achieve when photographing in shadows.

Not every property is oriented to be exactly south-facing, north-facing, or otherwise aligned with the points on a compass. So you may want to use the iOS and Android app LightTrac to see where the sun will be positioned at a certain time of day in relation to each property you’re selling.

Use Google Maps

A simple way to determine the properties’ orientation is to use Google Maps.  Following these easy steps below to determine the properties’ orientation.

  1. Display Location via the address in Google Maps
  2. Zoom in to see the Property outline
  3. Use Info Below to determine the orientation
    • North = Top of Screen
    • South = Bottom of Screen
    • East = Right of Screen
    • West = Left of Screen

Typically, a sunset photo is taken from the property’s exterior, at dusk. It is used by showcasing features such as fire pits, pools, and even sunsets to display a landscape or property. When conducting a property search and returning thumbnail images of properties, they are much more likely to attract the buyer’s eye. Pictures taken during the day when it’s sunny and bright are ideal for outdoor properties with stunning views of bright colors.

It is also critical that pictures are taken at the right time of day. Showing property features and using the perfect lighting is important as most things are not seen by a buyer while they are observing the house in daytime. Since daylight photos mostly lead the market, when clients are searching for a property and they see a sunset photoshoot, it does stand out that much more. Generally there will only be one sunset shot in hundreds of home listings, chances are the buyers or clients are that much likely to click on it.

A dusk photograph contrasts with our need for safety, shelter and wellbeing thanks to the connection between the warm interior lights and the blue nightly sky. The houses that work best for sunset exposures are those with plenty of outdoor lighting. They are typically taken a couple of minutes after dusk to really bring highlights and exposure up. Inside the house the lighting needs to be consistent with the outside lights to establish the beautiful balance between the two.

The illumination of the lights within the house, the absence of shadows, and a pleasant sunset on a backdrop, of course, make an impressive, aesthetically pleasing professional photography session! There is something that everybody likes to see a picture with the sparkling lighting inside and a lovely sunset. It is stunning and bright, and also a very attractive look for an advertising campaign for real estate in general.

And we concentrate on the words of professional photography because you need high-quality images. Although there are lots of excellent Television shows with valuable knowledge out there, nothing can substitute an advisor and a talented real estate photographer with consistency and guidance. Often it’s the first experience customers have of your house when they move into the physical property. Indeed, most consumers using the internet to support themselves find their home found the pictures very helpful.

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