Best Time for Photoshoot

Knowing a property’s aspect (its orientation in relation to the four compass points) will help you identify the best time for photographing the exterior, as different orientations dictate different ideal shooting times.

Best Time For Photoshoot

For East-facing properties, morning is the best time to shoot.

For West-facing properties, afternoon is great.

For North-facing properties, any time between 10:00 and 14:00 is ideal.

For South-facing properties, you’ll want your photos taken first thing in the morning, or last thing in the day.

The reason properties with different aspects should be photographed at different times is that you want the sun to be behind you when you’re looking at the front of the home. The photos will be bright and saturated with color – something you cannot achieve when photographing in shadows.

Not every property is oriented to be exactly south-facing, north-facing, or otherwise aligned with the points on a compass. So you may want to use the iOS and Android app LightTrac or the SunCalc website to see where the sun will be positioned at a certain time of day in relation to each property you’re selling.


Use Google Maps

A simple way to determine the properties orientation is to use Google Maps.  Following these easy steps below to determine the properties oriention.

#1 Display Locaiton via address in Google Maps

#2 Zoom in to see the Property outline.

#3 Use Info Below to determine orientation

  • North = Top of Sceen
  • South = Bottom of Screen
  • East = Right of Screen
  • West = Left of Screen

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