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Aerial Photography in Coral Springs Florida For Real Estate | V1

Aerial Photos - Florida

Florida Aerial Photos

10-15 Photos per Aerial Photoshoot - $50 as an addon or $100 standalone. 

*Pricing varies by location

The Benefits of Aerial Photography For Real Estate in Coral Springs Florida

Real estate agents and marketing professionals know that drones have revolutionized the way we capture images of real estate for the MLS and other real estate portals.  It used to cost thousands of dollars and require a pilot and a helicopter to grab aerial images, but now aerial photography is affordable and accessible for realtors listing properties at all price points.

So, drone photography is not just for high-end listings anymore.  There are three main reasons why you likely will find your marketing efforts and sales will benefit from aerial photography.

  1. Buyers are intrigued by aerial photos.  Since the technology is still fairly new and not as widely used in other parts of the United States such as New England, New York, etc..., real estate buyers are always blown away when they see a bird’s eye view of a property they might purchase.  (Plus, our aerials are always shot in HDR – high dynamic range – so they are always crisp and bright.) As a realtor, consider using a great aerial shot as your first exterior shot on MLS and in your tours, as it will grab attention.
  2. Sellers have come to expect aerial photos.  Because drones have made these types of images so accessible, most sellers expect you to include them in your shoot, unless there is some reason not to.
  3. They provide buyers with critical information.  This might be the most practical reason to include aerial photography for your listings.  How large is a lot?  How large is the lot in relation to neighboring lots?  What part of the subdivision is the home in?  Is it near a golf course? Close to schools? Does the property back to a preserve?  Showing buildings and lots in close proximity can help buyers determine if a home is a good potential fit for them.

It’s increasingly likely that buyers will look for aerial photography to help them make their buying decisions. Just like professional ground-level photos of the home and property, and like the video tour that really gives that first-hand feel, aerial shots are something buyers like when evaluating properties. They enjoy looking at aerial content because it gives them a new perspective. That helps them feel good about their choice to pursue a property. Plus, they take you seriously when you take marketing your property seriously using quality photos.

If you're ready to begin taking high-end aerial photos for your real estate listings in Florida and selling your homes fast, do not hesitate to order your aerial photography services today.

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