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The Benefits of Professional Real Estate Photography in Colorado

Professional Photos Are A Great First Impression For Your Buyers

Buyers respond to photos. Every online retailer knows this concept. The ones that provide dynamic, detailed photos that are clear gain the customer’s trust and therefore a greater reputation. Real estate is now bought and sold online — buyers go right to the web to check out homes, striking ones that don’t look good as they go and thereby eliminating a sale. This is your first place as an agent to make a great impression about the home and about your abilities.

You Can Sell Your Listings Faster With Professional Photography

As shown by a Redfin study conducted in 2013, professional photos boost the speed at which a home sells. Below is a chart detailing the average number of days FASTER a listing would close when it was accompanied with professional-level photography.

High-End Quality And Knowledgable Real Estate Photographers

With the way technology has improved, your smartphone can take amazing photos — but, in the end, you still need to be a competent real estate photographer to get the best image.  Hiring a photographer with the knowledge of appropriate angles, composition, editing, along with professional DSLR cameras, a variety of lenses, and the experience of photographing thousands of homes will have a tremendous advantage in helping to set you apart from your competition.

You Can Save Time By Hiring Professional Real Estate Photographers

A professional real estate photographer can save you time and money. While you’re doing what you do best to show homes, close a client, or create new listings — a professional photographer can arrive, photograph, edit, and deliver photos for your listings. Just coordinate with our trusted professional team at V1 Real Estate Photography and we can enter the home with lock-box information, photograph the house using best practices in real estate photography, and deliver listing ready images for you to download.

If you’re ready to take professional photos for your real estate listings in Colorado and selling your homes fast, do not hesitate to order your photos today. Or if you want to see some of our work, visit our Facebook.

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