Photoshoot Lighting Guide in Pembroke Pines FL

Real Estate Photoshoot Lighting Guide in Pembroke Pines FL

Professional Real Estate Photoshoot Lighting Guide in Pembroke Pines FL :
When photographing a home in Pembroke Pines FL , we usually see a mix of incandescent, curly CFLs and LEDs all mixed before staging, and in the same room. All these different light bulbs show up differently in the photos.
For the best-looking photos of the home and the best buyer experience during open houses and showings, we recommend the following:

#1 USE THE SAME COLOR LIGHT BULBS THROUGHOUT THE HOME. all recessed lighting and Lamps need to match#2 USE A WARM WHITE (BETWEEN YELLOWISH AND WHITE LIGHT). 3000K-4000K – 800 Lumen( 60 Watts) Warm White light bulbs are the best color.
All recessed light bulbs need to match, and they should all be about 3,000K – 4000K and a minimum of 800 Lumen (equivalent to about 60 watts). 800 Lumen Warm White bulbs are the best color temperature and wattage!

THE COLOR TEMPERATURE OF THE LIGHT IN A HOUSE CAN AFFECT A BUYER’S PERCEPTION OF A HOME. Is it warm and welcoming or is it cold and clinical? Does the home feel cozy or does it feel like a hospital corridor or dentist’s office? The best scenario is for the home buyer to feel comfortable and cozy, so they can imagine themselves living in the home in Pembroke Pines FL .

WHICH LIGHT COLOR SHOULD I BUY? Most light bulbs come in 4 “colors”: Soft White, Warm White, Bright White and Daylight. The colors are based on a units called Kelvins (K). Lower Kelvins mean more yellow light; the higher the Kelvin number the whiter or bluer light.

  • Soft White (yellowish appearance) – 2500K-3000K. This is the typical color associated with old-fashioned incandescent bulbs.
  • Bright White (between white/neutral and cool light) – 4000k-5000k.
  • Daylight (blue/cool color light) – 5000K-6500K.

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